Who We Are

Who We Are

Welcome to Jindal Bullion Ltd. — A platform where we STRIVE to provide the best rates for buying and selling Gold & Silver bars so that you can THRIVE in the market. The gold and silver bullion bars supplied by Jindal Bullion are some of the finest available and offer long-term secure investment.

Jindal Bullion Limited is a group of jewellers who purchase Gold and Silver Bars from the world's most trusted Suppliers, Refiners, Miners, Government Banks, Multinational Banks, Nominated Government Agencies, etc. and trade them at the most competitive rates in the industry. We deal in Gold & Silver products of reputed suppliers like, PAMP, UBS, Credit Suisse, Rand Refinery, Perth Mint, etc. and all our products are 100% hallmarked.

We are the official Fabricators for MMTC Ltd. and also Importers, Exporters, Manufactures, Wholesalers and Retailers of all kind of Silver, Gold and Diamond jewellery.

Since, most of our products are imported and procured from world renowned suppliers they come with 'certification' from the most reputed assayers. Our products, accurately tested for weight and purity at reputed labs and carry a guarantee certificate from Jindal Bullion.

In order to keep our rates transparent and open to all, we run live prices for gold & silver on our website. Our purity is backed by a 'buy back' guarantee at the price running live in the 'Buy' column of our website.

We offer our services at very little markups over the international market rates. Buyers of the smaller quantities can purchase or sell according to their need, based on international market linked prices with us.

Buyers/Sellers of bullion have advantage to buy/sale gold & silver from us. As there is very little difference of mere 0.2% in the buying & selling price. We supply bullion bars in various sizes. The smaller bars or coins can be used as fanciful or absurd gift item, whereas, the larger ones are ideal for those who are looking for investment in gold or silver at the lowest premium.

Our corporate office is located in New Delhi (India) and we are also registered with ROC, DGFT, VAT, Customs, Excise Authorities in India, BIS Hallmark etc.