Part Payment Option

Part payment option

Customers can lock price in accordance to suitability and convenience. Once they have locked their choice price , they can opt for various payment options.

Pay At Your Convenience- We understand many of us, especially the self-employed, don't have the same amount of money coming in every month. However, saving for the future with irregular earnings is still a possibility.

When it comes to planning something like a variable income, there’s no simple technique allowing you to predict the unpredictable. The more variable the income, the harder it is to plan. If your income fluctuates by a 10 or 15 percent, it's not a mammoth problem. The problem lies in earnings that fluctuate

Keeping in mind that whenever someone is estimating either expenses or income, they’re allowed to be wrong as it is not always in ones hands. Its normal to make adjustments. A budget is not like a diet plan which is either right or wrong. It’s about deciding on how to allocate limited funds according to ones own wishes. Get started, and then make adjustments on the way

Pay a nominal interest @ 0.03% per day on your balance amount till such time that you are able to make your final payment. Installment payments can be made on the remaining amount on any day of a week, or time of day, it will be immediately deducted from your balance amount ; this will be allowed upto a period of 6 months. Delivery will be made on completion of payment. You can also cancel your booked orders anytime by selecting the CANCEL option. Please note that order will be cancelled on prevailing market price. Difference of BUY/SELL/CANCEL will be Credited/Debited from your E-wallet at the time of cancellation of order. We do not charge any cancellation fees.