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Gold Bar

Reasons Why.................

Gold & Silver

Best Investment Vehicle

Silver Bar

Best Security
Against Inflation

Due to Inflation, value of Rs.1,00,000.00 may reduce to Rs.93,000.00 at the end of the year. Where as value of gold may rise to Rs.1,20,000.00

Silver Bar

Better Choice Than
Bank Fixed Deposit

Value of Rs.1,00,000.00 may reduce to Rs.93,000.00 due to inflation and the bank interest can only regain its value without any add on profit.


Insurance Policies

Most trusted insurance policies generate an annual return of 5 to 7% only, Where as statistics and historical data suggests that gold have generated return more than 14% to 20% per annum


Mutual Funds

Market managers play with your money and ultimately keep huge share of the returns with themselves as commission charges for playing with your money.

Silver Bar
Silver Bar

Share markets

Each and every transaction is in Demat form and the value of a share of even a blue chip company can fall heavily for example from Rs.1200.00 to Rs.12.00 but gold cannot fall from Rs.30,000.00 to Rs.3,000.00


Surety of Gradual
Increase in Price

Being a rare natural resource the demand gold/silver will keep on increasing and price of gold/silver will surely rise in long term.