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Buying Gold Made Easy

Buying Gold Made Easy

Gold has been a benchmark of stability. Recognized as a worldwide currency, gold is an asset that is both liquid and tangible at the same time, and, every financial adviser will tell you to have gold as part of your portfolio.

People who want to buy gold do so because they have the knowledge that the prices of gold increase over a long-term period of time. It is a secure way to start your savings. You can buy gold and silver bullion online too.

You can easily obtain gold today without having to leave the comfort of your home. Buying gold can be very profitable as the general trend of the Gold prices has been to go only up. Gold is available in various forms, but the most popular form in which it is bought in bulk is the gold bullion. You can now find a reliable Gold Bullion Dealer even Online. Although there might be other Bullion Dealers available for business online, the need to go with the most reliable and reputed one increases manifold when it comes to online dealings as you cannot see the shop or the jeweler or the product physically.

The one name I have repeatedly heard from people is Jindal Bullion Limited. In terms of quality, reliability and best prices, Jindal Bullion is regarded as one of the top Gold and Silver Bullion dealer both online and offline. Some of the best features that I found appealing are:

Buy Retail and Pay Wholesale:

At Jindal Bullion, they cater to all your Gold and Silver buying needs. They offer the option of Buying Retail but Paying Wholesale i.e. even if a customer buys small quantities of Gold or Silver from them, they still provide the metal at a wholesale price to them. They want every customer to have a chance to buy Gold and Silver at their preferred quantity. Quantity does not matter. Whether you buy 1g gold/silver or 1kg gold/silver, they will give you the best and lowest price!!

Convenient Payment Options:

People usually do not have large sum of money lying as a disposable income to buy Gold or Silver. That’s why Jindal Bullion tries to give the benefit to all. Anyone can buy Gold or Silver at just 5% down payment of the total amount and the rest 95% amount can be paid either in the next 2 trading days without any interest or over a period of 6 months with an accruing interest of just 0.03% every day on the remainder of the payment. For instance If prevailing market rate is Rs. 20,000.00 for Gold per 10 gram then all you can book your rate for the Trade plus two business days by simply paying Rs.1000 (5% of 20,000) at the time of booking and then you can pay the rest Rs.19000 in the next two business days without interest or you can pay Rs.19,000 over a period of six months with a nominal interest of 0.03% being charged on Rs.19000 first and then whatever is the remainder amount going forward if you are making part payments every month.

What’s more is that during the Trade plus first 2 days, Jindal Bullion also gives you the facility to cancel the deal at the market rate without any charges!!

I think it is a very customer-centric approach and gives the customer the control throughout the buying process in place of the seller retaining total control throughout the buying process which is the case generally.

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