Frequently Asked Questions

How are prices locked?

To buy or sell, you must have 5% of the proposed order value in your E-wallet for booking the live price. That amount will be treated as an advance for your order.

Once you have deposited five percent amount of the proposed order value in your E-wallet you can Book the price of your choice at Bullion Shop page.

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How are Prices determined?

Our prices are a derivation of national and international market pricing which is available on BUY/SELL button of the Bullion Shop Page at our website.

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Do you have range of order size?

Our bullion products range starts from 1 gram in gold and from 10 grams in silver.

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Do you report purchase to Income tax ?

We do not report any of your purchase to income tax department in majority of the cases.

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What is your return Policy?

We are always happy to buy the product from our clients on the prices available on our Website in "Buy Column" according to the product.

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Do you modify the order?

You can modify your order on the prevailing market prices. The difference of Prices will be Credited/Debited form your E-wallet according to your order.

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When will I receive my product?

You have two options to get the delivery of products purchased from us.

1. You can get delivery personally from our delivery centers.

2. You can opt for postal home delivery. The goods will be dispatched to you within a week. You have to bear postal services charges and insurance charges of the packet.

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Will you compensate if products are lost in transit?

In case your packet is lost in transit please contacts us. You will be reimbursed losses in accordance to the insurance policy.

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Is personal financial information secure?

All personal informations are secured within Jindal Bullion ltd. We do not sell .

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How do you accept payment?

we accept payments through Cash,Cheque,Pay Orders,Demand Draft,RTGS, NEFT, Internet Banking, Direct Bank Transfers,Telegraphic Transfers,Credit/Debit cards etc.

Please Note: In case of Payments made to us are through payment gateway we charge 2.25% processing fees.

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Can I modify my order ?

You can not modify your order but you can cancel your order on the prevailing market prices. The difference of prices will be Credited/Debited to your E-wallet according to prevailing market price.

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