Chinese New Year Greetings from the President of Belarusian National Technical University

Announcer:Release time:2021-02-28Views:39

Recently, ZJWEU received a letter of Chinese new year greetings from the Belarusian National Technical University. On behalf of all the members of BNTU, President S.V. Kharitonchik extended warm holiday greetings and best wishes for the Spring Festival to everyone of ZJWEU.

In the New Year, President Sergey sincerely hoped that both sides will strengthen cooperation, achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, and forge ahead towards higher and further goals. He said that the mechanical design, manufacturing and automation program jointly organized by both sides is not only the first Sino-foreign cooperative education program of Belarusian National Technical University, but also the first one in Belarus with China, therefore, it has a milestone significance. He hoped that the two sides could further deepen cooperation under the Belt and Road framework. At the same time, he wished ZJWEU make remarkable achievements in the Year of Ox, and write a splendid chapter again.

The university attached great importance to the cooperation with Belarusian National Technical University. In December 2019, under the authorization of President S.V. Halitonichek of Belarusian National Technical University, Vice President Nikolachik Yuri Aleksandrovich led a team to visit the university for a week-long in-depth investigation and further consultation. The two sides signed the Agreement on Cooperation in Running School, formally establishing the joint declaration of Chinese foreign cooperation in mechanical design, manufacturing and automation school running projects. At the same time, the two universities signed an agreement to jointly build the Surface Engineering R & D Center, and jointly carry out the research and application of this technology in the field of water conservancy machinery. On October 28, 2020, the undergraduate education project of mechanical design and manufacturing and automation major jointly held by the two sides was officially approved by the Ministry of Education. ZJWEU will seize this opportunity to train engineering talents with international vision.