College of International Education

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Consistently holding the purpose of “integrating Chinese and Western cultures and educating international talents”, the College of International Education is committed to serving the cultivation of all students’ excellent personalities. The College pays attention to the promotion of students’ sustainable development and competitiveness and the Colleges primary task always falls to reaching the high-quality applied professional and technical personnel capable of international communication with international visions, subject to international competitiveness. At present, the College has more than 700 students and 47 faculty members in total, including 37 full-time teachers, 3 professors, and 5 associate professors. The College sets up one undergraduate major (business English) and two junior college majors (marketing and computer information management) under Sino-foreign cooperation. To be specific, computer information management belongs to the first batch of Zhejiang demonstration majors under Sino-foreign cooperation and business English is a key major the university constructs.

The College actively promotes education internationalization, absorbing and utilizing high-quality educational resources at home and abroad. With the help of the pluralistic and open mode of school running, the College actively constructs an international education platform. At present, the College has entered inter-university cooperation agreements with universities like Nelsen Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT) of New Zealand, Illinois Governor State University of the United States, Western Illinois University of the United States, Red River College of Canada, Fachhochschule Nordhessen of Germany, Gdansk University of Technology of Poland, Algonquin College of Canada, and the University of Greenwich of the United Kingdom and built inter-school exchanges with universities like Northeastern Illinois University of the United State, the California State University of the United States, Dresden International University of Germany, and the University of South Wales of Britain.  

The College keeps innovating personnel training modes and makes differentiated education targeting various goals and orientations according to studentsdifference in characteristics and personalities. The college sets up language teaching classes at different levels and reforms ways and means of curriculum assessment, accompanied by rich and different types of second classroom activities, to develop each students advantage potentials and try to make different students make progress in different fields. The postgraduate enrollment rate of the first-year graduates reached 13.33%. The educational environment enabling both Chinese and foreign cultures more than broadens students’ international horizons but realizes students’ stronger professional skills and intercultural communication, significantly enhancing students’ employment competitiveness. In the recent five years, the one-time employment rate of the College graduates maintained above 95%.