College of Economics and Management

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Founded in 1995, the College of Economics and Management now has 4 undergraduate majors, human resources management, international business, logistics engineering, and financial engineering and human resources management is Zhejiang newly-emerging characteristic major.

Holding an educational idea as exploring the world, obtaining intelligence, correcting minds, and innovation the College aims at students growth and reaches the applied personnel with a firm foundation, abundant knowledge, strong capabilities, and high quality.

For current, the College has more than 40 full-time teachers, including 8 professors, 16 associate professors, 14 doctors, 2 talents of the provincial 151 project in the new era, 1 provincial discipline leader, 3 provincial major leaders, and 1 provincial teaching team.

In recent years, the College has presided 1 project funded by the National Natural Science Foundation and more than 50 provincial and ministry-level issues and published over 60 papers on core journals or above; won 2 prizes for provincial scientific and technological progress awards, 1 first-prize for provincial teaching achievements, and 1 second-prize for provincial teaching achievements; has national intensive courses, 1 national intensive video course, and 7 provincial intensive courses; published more than 30 textbooks, including 2 textbooks under the national 12th Five-Year Planning and 4 provincial key textbooks.

The College possesses sound experiment and training conditions and enters contracts with over 50 off-campus enterprises, satisfying students demand for training and study.

The College attaches attention to students innovation and entrepreneurship abilities and encourages students to attend various kinds of discipline competitions, leading to more than 70 prizes for discipline competitions above provincial levels. Graduates are widely accepted by employers and the employment rate stabilizes above 95%.