College of Civil Engineering and Architecture

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At present, the College of Civil Engineering and Architecture possesses 4 undergraduate majors, civil engineering, engineering cost, engineering management, and building environment and energy application and 2 junior college majors, including engineering cost and construction equipment engineering technology. To be specific, the discipline, civil engineering is a first-class (Class B) discipline of Zhejiang Province and the major civil engineering is a distinctive major of Zhejiang Province.

Currently, the teaching staff consists of 54 persons, including 7 professors (including professor-level senior engineers), 20 associate professors (including senior engineers), 15 doctors, and 21 “double-position and double-skilled” teachers. 10 out of the staff bear honorary titles, such as experts receiving the special allowance of the State Council, winners of the Provincial “May Day” Labor Medal, provincial excellent teachers, nationally famous teachers in water conservancy education, provincial academic leaders, excellent Communist Party members under the provincial water conservancy system and more than 20 teachers obtained certificates of competence, including the certificate of national first-class registered structural engineers, supervisory engineers, cost engineers, and level-one constructors. In recent years, teachers of the College have constructed 5 national and provincial intensive courses and won 6 national and provincial teaching achievement awards and one third-prize for Zhejiang scientific and technological progress, besides more than 20 textbooks and academic works, more than 200 national patents for invention and utility model patents, and around 20 engineering methods at a provincial or ministry or above level.

The College has 7 provincial funding-supported laboratories, including the structural laboratory, the building equipment laboratory, the engineering cost laboratory, the steel structure laboratory, the thermal engineering laboratory, the building energy conservation research center, and the coastal geotechnical laboratory and one civil engineering material laboratory. The instruments and equipment in those laboratories totaled over RMB 13 million. The College also has established close cooperation with more than 30 enterprises within the province, along with numerous on-campus laboratories and off-campus training bases, significantly guaranteeing high-quality applied personnel training; the College, jointly with Shanghai Hongrun Construction Group Co., Ltd. and Jiaxing Hongxiang Holding Group, has developed enterprise-college construction, exploring a new mode of the in-depth school-enterprise integration.

At present, there are 1274 full-time students, including 972 undergraduates and 302 junior college students. The College pays attention to students’ ability to application and innovation. Having introduced the SWH-CDIO-E engineering education model and built and implemented “the whole-process ability training and assessment certification”, the College realizes the organic integration of professional education and entrepreneurship education by integrating the “innovation and pioneering consciousness” into the whole process of personnel training depending on the “four abilities” platform. In recent years, taking “the plan of the youth creating predomination” as the carrier, the College has obtained 4 provincial and municipal construction methods mainly accomplished by students, received the approval for 17 projects, including the provincial young talents program and the national innovation program for college students and won 30 prizes on Class-A competitions, including the competition of provincial academic innovation, the structural design competition, and the provincial mechanics competition. More than 100 students participated in technological innovation and obtained patents. The postgraduate admission rate of graduates is about 10% and the employment rate remains above 95%. Many graduates grew into business or technical backbones of their employers and some graduates set up their own companies.