College of Geomatics and Municipal Engineering

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The College of Geomatics and Municipal Engineering offers four undergraduate programs referring to surveying engineering; water supply and drainage engineering; road, bridge, and river-crossing engineering; geographic information science and one junior college major, namely municipal engineering technology. The discipline named surveying and mapping belongs to the first-class (Class B) disciplines of Zhejiang Province and surveying engineering is entitled a newly-emerging distinctive major of Zhejiang Province. Currently, the College has 34 full-time teachers, including 33 teachers with a Master’s degree or above, 11 doctors, 5 doctoral candidates, 19 teachers with senior professional titles, and 6 professors. Also, the faculty includes 4 provincial academic leaders, 2 provincial promising young teachers, 1 nationally well-known teacher in water resources education and 1 teaching nova.

The teaching staff of the College unites with each other and is dedicated to working, actively devoting to academic and major construction and teaching research and striving to improve teaching levels and personnel training quality. In the recent three years, teachers have hosted 3 national and provincial intensive courses, completed more than 40 provincial and departmental government-sponsored projects, and published more than 30 papers in SCI, EI, and ISTP, including more than 10 SCI papers. The faculty accumulated rich research results in areas like rural domestic sewage treatment, remote sensing, precise engineering surveying, soft foundation treatment and post-construction settlement control, and long-span bridge and high-class highway design.

The College enabled laboratories like road and bridge simulation lab based on CDIO supported by provincial special funding, water supply and drainage and water environment engineering lab, modern surveying laboratory, aerial photogrammetry lab, surveying and mapping data processing lab, and water ecology remote sensing lab. Those labs are equipped with advanced instruments and equipment under sound experimental conditions, which better satisfies the needs of practical teaching of all majors.

The college now has more than 100 students. The College focuses on students’ excellent quality, namely “strict and practical-minded & able to run a nation”. Except for academic atmosphere construction and professional skills, the College targets students’ comprehensive quality through rich Youth League and Student Union activities and thematic education activities. Students repeatedly won many provincial or above prizes on competitions, like the Competition of National Undergraduates’ Surveying and Mapping Skills, the Provincial “Challenge Cup” Competition of Undergraduates’ Extracurricular Academic and Technical Works, and the Provincial Competition of Rural Revitalization Creativity. Graduates have been well recognized by the society. In the recent three years, the first-time employment rate of graduates remained above 95%. More than 17.19% of the graduates of 2018 were admitted as graduate students or civil services.