The Market is Bullish!!

The precious metals like Gold have been gaining remarkable grounds due to the current financial market scenario. The market has adopted a “bullish” tendency and hence the Gold has already reached a high price of approximately $1,375.25 per troy ounce. Gold continues to spearhead the “safe-haven” precious metals catalog as far as investing is concerned. Silver too was not far behind in exhibiting solid gains. The uncertainty over the direction that the market is going to take still looms large in the wake of UK’s decision to leave EU. Also, the fact that the job numbers are getting higher up in the US job market, is helping the bullish tendencies of the market. The percentage of American people who are looking for job has gone up by as much as 62%.

The DOW rose by approximately 1.40%

The S&P 500 rose by approximately 1.50%

The NASDAQ rose by an approximately 1.60%

The prices in general have been on an upward trend if you take a 5-week average.