Gold is still bullish!!

Gold prices still ended on a stronger note mainly due to the weaker world stock markets. The market trend for most of the raw commodities was still bearish owing to a little higher U.S. dollar index. As per the journal from Wall Street, U.S. Federal Reserve is confident that the interest rates can be hiked not that the financial markets are showing some signs of stabilization after the Brexit vote and after the end of the uncertainty about the situation in Turkey recently. People are still investing in safe haven assets as of now. The recent attack in Paris has also fuelled the uncertainty in the financial market. The future of the financial markets in general and Gold markets in particular will also hinge on whether Donald Trump is nominated as the presidential candidate or not. The European Central Bank has not predicted a solid bump in inflation right now and hence the future of the Gold prices is still uncertain.

For now the market can go in either direction seeing that some investors are looking to sell citing the rising value of American Dollar while the others are skeptical about selling looking at the geopolitical unrest all around.