Factors Affecting Precious Metal Prices

Some factors that have been pulling on the price of Gold lately are Brexit, Market Volatility, and Negative Interest Rates etc. Combine terrorism and other racial misunderstandings and you have a potent mixture for making everything fall apart in terms of commodities markets and their prices. Now the question is that why in some instances the Gold and Silver continue to fall in response to a negative interest rate and why does it rise in the other cases? There are many additional factors such as currency relationship, interest rates etc. that might affect the behavior of Gold in one direction under one scenario and in the other direction under the other scenario.

Depending on the scenarios, there are many directions that the rates of Gold and Silver or other precious metals might assume such as: Negative in short period and Positive in long period or Positive in short period and Negative in long period etc.

So for example for the last couple of weeks the Gold had been really bullish in London metal exchange but now since there is an anticipation of US dollar getting strong so for now for a short term it is a surety that the price of Gold will either remain constant or slip a little in international bullion market but then again in the long term if the situation changes then the price of Gold might surge ahead once more.