Brexit Pushes Gold And Silver High!!

The effects of Brexit can be felt across the board now with Silver joining the bandwagon and getting to a new high together with the rising price for Gold.

The rise in Silver has risen by as much as 3.6%. If you consider for the week, the prices of Silver have risen by almost 8%.

Mark Carney who is the Governor for the Bank of England said that the Bank could cut back on the interest rates as it tries to stabilize the UK economy. Investors continue to pump more and more investments into exchange-traded funds backed by gold.

Zhan Dapeng, an analyst at Everbright Futures Company, said that Brexit might force the policymakers to think on the lines of another round of easing the interest rates and Gold could soar even higher as more and more investors are putting in the money into Gold.

Even the assets in gold-backed ETFs are on an increase.

Bullion of 99.99% purity rose 1.7% even on the Shanghai Gold Exchange.