Easy Transfer

Easy Transfer

Everyone today is using more and more online facilities for their shopping needs like ordering daily use items household items, clothes, groceries, and even speciality products like designer watches, designer fashion apparel etc

As more and more orders are being placed online, more and more methods of payments are also being implemented which include but are not limited to online debit card payments, online credit card payments, payments through payment gateways etc.

Going with the current trend and with the aim to deliver a superior customer experience, Jindal Bullion offers a facility of an E-wallet to E-wallet Transfer for both your E-Wallet cash and for the metal that you keep in Jindal Bullion’s vault.

How it works is very simple. Whenever you want to buy Gold or Silver on Jindal Bullion Website, the first step is to put money in your E-wallet to start the transaction process. In case, another family member or a friend or someone else is registered too on Jindal Bullion website and wants to buy Gold and Silver but find out that their E-Wallet cash is running too low to buy, you have the power to help out immediately!! With just a few clicks you can transfer the money from your E-Wallet to another person’s E-Wallet to facilitate their buying needs!!

What’s more is that this facility is not just limited to the E-Cash. In case, you have your metal stored in our high-security vault and you want to transfer that metal into another person’s vault space, you can do that again very easily with just a few clicks!!

No sweat and no need to fret!! Everything is on your fingertips!!