We understand many of us, especially the self-employed, don't have the same amount of money coming in every month. However, saving for the future with irregular earnings is still a possibility.

When it comes to planning something like a variable income, there’s no simple technique allowing you to predict the unpredictable. The more variable the income, the harder it is to plan. If your income fluctuates by a 10 or 15 percent, it's not a mammoth problem. The problem lies in earnings that fluctuate.

Jindal bullion provides you with a unique deferred payment option. Meaning to buy/sell gold/silver you don’t have to pay 100% payment upfront. Just pay 5% (as booking amount) of the total amount and then you can pay rest of the payment as per you convenience. e.g. If prevailing market rate is Rs. 30,000.00 for Gold per 10 gram then all you have to do is pay Rs. 1500 (5% of 30,000) at the time of booking and You can pay 28,500 over a period of six months.

For this rest amount (Rs. 28,500) Jindalbullion.com gives you a grace period of 2 days (The Day of Booking + 2 working days). In this grace period you are free to pay for your order or you can cancel the deal (@ market rate) without any charge. And if you are not able to pay then also don’t worry Jindal bullion only charge 0.03% per day on the rest of the amount i.e. Rs. 8.55 per day and Rs. 256.50 per month.