Buy Retail and Pay Wholesale

Buy Retail and Pay Wholesale

Everyone has heard of the concept wherein the companies treat some customers as high value customers giving them special treatments and favors and offers and leverages. At Jindal Bullion we have done away with the concept of “small fish” and “big fish” customers

For Jindal Bullion every customer is a high-value customer and every customer is meted out a “preferential” treatment at every step. For us a customer is a customer. The quantity of Gold and Silver being bought by the customer comes secondary. We are very happy to have you here and we want to forge a strong and long-term relationship with each one of you.

Jindal Bullion gives every customer a chance to buy Gold and Silver in their desired quantity no matter how big or how small at the wholesale rates!! So even if you buy 1gm Gold or Silver coin from Jindal Bullion, we will still give you the lowest and the best wholesale price that we offer to anyone who say for example is buying 1kg gold or more.

So you get best of both the worlds!! You not only buy the exact amount of Gold or Silver that you want without any minimum or maximum amount limit, but you also pay a wholesale price!!

There is no limit to desires, why should there be when you want to buy Gold or Silver!!