Bullion Live Price Charts

The Chart displays on the JindalBullion.com provide round the clock 'Spot Price' information. The prices are displayed in the USD per troy ounce. To view greater detail charts, please click on the charts displayed above.

All graphic display in chart form have a tale to tell. A chart is not merely a mathematical representation of gold price statistics¬ it is actually a graphic display of choices made by human beings, inclusive of illogicalities, at a particular point in time, which could range from the next moment, week, month, year and ultimately¬ a whole period in time.

A chart is not a mere representation of the past happenings, but also an anemometer of the future; a prerequisite requirement of 21 st century's fleeting financial world.

This avoid contradictory display ranging from moments of uproar and rage to the long term 10,15 year periods or even longer¬Elliot Waves , an example that big time investors like macroeconomic and pension funds are looking for.

Equally significant is this display to the short term investor, who needs to understand the moment to moment mood changes of the bullion world, in order to invest in an accurate and correct fashion. This is only possible with a second to second price chart display in front of him.