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Misconceptions about Gold

Any commodity that is costly gets more discussed than an ordinary one. As per human tendency, assumption and suppositions about any commodity are directly proportional to the number of myths surrounding it. Gold is one such material valued since the beginning of modern civilization.

Brexit Effect On Gold

What Is Brexit?

Brexit is a combination of two words which means “Britain”+ “Exit.”Brexit is nothing but the exit of Britain from the European Union. The European Union comprises of 28 countries United Kingdom being one of them. United Kingdom itself is a combination of 4 nations (England, Scotland, Wales &Ireland).

Uses of Silver Bullion

Silver makes a priceless investment, and in huge part this is due to the extensive range of applications that this valuable metal is used in. While gold and many other valuable metals are mostly in demand as investments to put money into and to hold that money's worth, Silver bullion is unique in the fact that it is both a great place to hold the value of your money and it is also widely used in a number of different applications.

History of Gold

The history is as rich and elegant as the metal itself. Gold is considered to be one of the most precious elements present in the history of mankind. It cannot be made in any chemical laboratory or we can say it is not man-made. This is also the main reason that it is as valuable as it is a limited resource.

Gold Scrap Used In India

What is Gold Scrap?

Gold scrap does not mean that the gold is scrap, but it means that the gold which is lying around in jewelry boxes, desk drawers, or anywhere else in the house in the form of jewelry (or any other form) and is of no use. India is a country which is enriched with resources, but gold is the material to which the Indians are connected right from the beginning.

The Best Way to Buy Gold Coins

For many years, gold has been the most valuable metal for both making delightful and profitable jewelry. When you consider Buying Gold Coins – the foremost place that strikes in your mind is the local jeweler, but still there are number of other choices that are available to you, if you want to buy gold coins.

Calculating Silver Rate for Domestic Markets

This article is in continuation to the first article that took an overview on how the prices are calculated for Silver for the Domestic Market. In this article we will investigate further that what happens once the prices of Silver are calculated for the International Market and what factors affect the calculation of their rates for a domestic market and how the domestic Silver Rates differ from the Silver rates in the International market.

Calculating Gold Rate for Domestic Markets

This article is in continuation to the first article that took an overview on how the prices are calculated for Gold for the International Market. In this article we will investigate that once the prices of Gold is calculated for the International Market, what factors affect the calculation of its rate for the domestic market and how the domestic Gold Rates differ from the Gold Rates in the International market.


What is Aqua Regia?

Aqua Regia, in the Latin ages, was known as “Regal Water.” It is essentially a mixture of hydrochloric acid and nitric acid. It gets its name from the fact that it is capable of dissolving noble metals like Gold and Platinum. It is essentially a highly corrosive acid.

Checking the purity of your Gold

Gold has been a fascinator since time immemorial and not without reason. Whether it is the shine, or the feel, or the value, Gold is the king of commodities and is also an inflation beater. Over the centuries, Gold has gained so much importance not just as a hedge against inflation but also as a metal that has gained tremendous cultural and social significance.