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Top 5 Silver Producing Countries in the world

Silver is one of the best natural resource. Silver extraction and conversion of this valuable metal was evident in many early civilizations as early as 4th millennium BC. It is basically found in different forms of its ore such as galena, argentite etc. However, it is generally separated from its silver lead ore.

Temples with Gold in India

India is a country having a diversity of religions and culture. In India people enjoy the fact that they have the choice to follow any religion. Temples in India are not only a place to worship to God, but is the place where people also show their devotion by donating their wealth (donating wealth is a way to show their devotion towards god) which simultaneously also displays the possession of wealth which they hold.

Minting Gold Coin Process


Minting is a process in which a person stamps coin to create money or we can say the person customizes metal to make coins. Minting gold is really an art work.

Industrial Uses Of Silver

From jewelry to electrical parts, from medicine to automobile industry, silver is used almost in every field which is essential for the human survival today. It is not the use of silver which makes it an essential metal but the fact that it cannot be replaced by other metal because of its unique properties.

5 Handy tips to Sell your Gold

Gold continues to remain low yet stayed feeble amid Friday morning exchanging on December 2 – the close conviction of a US financing cost rise this month and a mass migration of ETF speculators put descending weight available.

Gold in India in the pre-British Era

Prior to the arrival of the British, India was a rich nation and the popularity of their wealth attracted both explorers and trespassers. The wealth of India was overwhelming indeed as discussed below:

Mining Gold Process

What is mining?

It is the process of extracting ore or minerals from the ground. This industry is authorized to extract these ores (mixture of different metals and materials.) The Mining Industry then sells the ores to the refineries so that the required metal can be obtained.

Best Value for Your Gold

Working in the Bullion Industry, it is an aspect of my responsibilities to be aware of how the gold price is doing as it has a direct impact on the profitability of my business. Recently with the gold price hitting a record-breaking high of over $1353 an ounce lots of businesses have been set up offering to buy broken, scrap, and undesirable gold gems from the common man.

Dentistry with Gold

Apart from the vast range of areas in which gold is being used, the most significant use of gold is that it is being used in medicine. Apart from curing cancer and other diseases gold is vitally used by the dentist so as to cure their patients. The reasons to use gold by the dentist can be classified in these 14 points as follows:

Production & Distribution of Gold in India

Gold is considered as one of the most important resource which we have got from the nature. But the main aspect which makes this resource even more precious is that it cannot be created by any means i.e. gold is a limited resource which though in abundance can only be attained from nature and this is what makes it more valuable and precious as well.