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Demand of Gold

Gold has it's own emotional, cultural and financial value, all over the world, which are the key factors to determine the demand across generations. Gold is moulded into jewelry and used to manage risk in financial portfolios and protect the wealth of nations, it is also found in smart phones, and cutting-edge medical diagnostics.

History of Silver

Although throughout the history of the mankind, Silver has occupied a very important place, it has never been able to take the place of Gold as the most wanted metal. While there is no doubt that it also is a beautiful, scarce, and a very useful metal, but it is just not as scarce as Gold and that might be one of the factors that has worked against its popularity.

Journey of Gold after Independence

69 years since independence, the journey still continues for India in need to rise up to new challenges in the coming years. On 15th August 1947, India got independence and if talked about the financial state of the country, the exchange rate between Indian rupee and US Dollar was equal to one (i.e,$1 was equal to 1 Indian Rupee) as there was no outside borrowing/ loan on the balance sheet of India.

The Many Uses of Gold

Out of all the known metals which are present in the crust of the earth, Gold is the mineral which has been put to use in the widest range of industries. Gold is certainly the king of all the minerals as it is being used in numerous fields and the fact that makes it more precious from others is that it is irreplaceable. Another factor which makes this mineral more valuable is that it is available only from the nature and hence it is a limited resource.

Interesting Facts about Silver

The word silver was derived from the Anglo-Saxon word Seolfor. There is no word that rhymes with the english word Silver. Silver (Ag) carries atomic number forty-seven. This valuable metal is considered slightly harder than gold and has the highest electrical conductivity when compared to other metals. Silver was separated from lead by civilizations in early 3000 BC. Silver is considered as an important metal since ancient time. It was one of the first five metals that got discovered.

Gold in India during the British Raj

At the time of British Raj, economy of India was gradually downgrading and because of that price of gold was also on hike. The "East India Company" had to import bullion in the form of Gold & Silver to purchase goods from India for selling them in Europe.

Exchange your Old Jewelry

It is an undoubted reality and we all know very well how the gold prices are increasing from past few years. No doubt, the saying "Old is Gold" still stands true in case of Jewelry or gold or silver that we own. But with the changing fashion trends, you might feel the need to update your jewelry collection. The best solution that comes up is to get the jewelry exchanged with the latest, trendy yet reliable options present in the market.

Why Indians love Gold

India is one of the largest countries in the world and biggest consumer of gold as well. Indians buy gold because of multiple reasons like investment, for its propitious feeling, protect against inflation; collection as an asset and so on. It also strengthens the closeness of relationships.

Spot Prices for Precious Metals

Out of all the minerals found in and on land, precious metals are in a limited quantity in comparison. These precious metals play a very important role in any Economy. Some of the more popular precious metals with investors are gold, silver, and platinum etc.

Top 5 Gold Producing Countries in the World

Having gold as a natural resource for any country is really great both as a natural precious metal and as a financial backup for the currency that the country needs to print. Gold, if surplus, can also be used as an export commodity.