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A Look Back at Silver in the Last Year

Silver costs surged in the last year after an extreme 2015. The progressing shortage, political declarations and concerns around the world, and a feeble US dollar have all affected the valuable metal's market.

Gold Adornments are for Life

Fine gold adornments are for eternity. They rise above time and age. Ideal from making gems, things out of blooms and stones, to embracing metals like gold and silver for life span, adornments have dependably been well known.

Journey of Gold through the Year

The year has finally come to an end. There were many important events in various sectors that occurred during the year. The precious metals also observed gigantic changes and as far as gold is concerned, this precious metal set some new records.

Silver in Medicine

Silver is a precious metal which has as many uses as the human imagination can develop. Creative artists completely change the shape of this white metal into traditional works of silver, like jewelry and silverware.Modern uses of silver depend on the creative exploits of scientists and engineers to meet the changing demands of consumers and industries. Silver is used in a different way in different industries.

Buy Cashless Bullion

Investing in gold is everyone’s dream investment. There are certain ways in which one can invest in gold. Gold investment is said to yield great returns for the investor. Everyone likes to spend their savings into something fruitful. Gold is one such option.

Why to Collect Coins

To many, mint coin collection may appear like an exhausting and pointless pastime. But there are many who think collecting coins is a very unique hobby and they pursue in the same direction. Most of the coin collectors have huge collections including various gold coins and silver coins. There are various reasons why coin collection can be a very fruitful hobby;

What to Do of Unwanted Gold

Gold is one very important metal in all cultures around the globe. Almost everyone owns gold in some or other form. Many times there are certain gold pieces you don’t want to keep with yourself for one or more reasons. Such gold is often termed as gold scrap and you can still make maximum use of it.

Analyzing Silver as Investment Portfolio

Silver is fully established in the industry for its use in almost all sectors. It is a very important precious metal. The demand for this shiny metal is increasing with each passing day and thus the prices get high. What happens when supply goes down and request goes up? Costs soar! This in turn makes it a very potential commodity for investment purposes. Here are a couple of things that influence the price of silver in the market:

Gold Price Sinks

Gold continues to remain low yet stayed feeble amid Friday morning exchanging on December 2 – the close conviction of a US financing cost rise this month and a mass migration of ETF speculators put descending weight available.

This Rakhi Let your Love Shine!!

India is well known for its rich cultural heritage and beautiful celebrations and fairs. Raksha Bandhan stands out as one of the most popular festivals that symbolize the devout relation of brothers and sisters. According to our Hindu calendar, each year the celebration comes on the full moon of Shravana.