The rising market for gold has made it the first choice for investors among metals and those too precious metals. Gold prospecting is a method performed to find new gold deposits in different areas of the world. Gold always occurs in two basic deposit types: lode gold and placer gold. You must have a fair knowledge of these two types of deposits and where they occur. This general information can multiply your chances of success in gold prospecting.

Lode Gold Deposit is an ore deposit that is filled or embedded in a crevice in a rock formation or a vein of ore that is deposited or embedded between layers of rock. Placer Gold Deposit is slightly different from the above. It is an accumulation of valuable minerals formed by separation of gravity during sedimentary processes. The name is derived from the Spanish word placer which means "alluvial sand".

A thorough knowledge of prospecting methods and prospecting tools is very important. Learning about the various tools and how to use them is essential for grand success. The high price of gold has inspired many people to become amateur prospectors. Most of them spend their weekends or vacations in search of this precious yellow metal. High gold prices have also fired a gush in the sales of gold pans, portable dredges, metal detectors and other gold prospecting tools. These tools are a major help for any tentative prospector and even the ones who are really experienced. With the change in time and technology new tools are coming into the market. The most basic tool for gold prospecting was gold pan and it is still used by most of the prospectors. However, there are many latest gold prospecting tools coming into the market which actually play the most important part in gold prospecting. Gold prospecting can be done in various methods and these methods fully depend on the tools the prospector has.

Buying these tools however does not guarantee finding gold instantly. The major help these tools will do is to help recover the gold once a prospector is a few feet or a few inches away from it. Getting to the exact location and finding gold is something that requires a more important tool and that is a human brain. It is very much important to indulge the mind in serious thinking and in finding best prospects.

The types of knowledge needed to find a best prospect is;

• Information of where gold has been found in the past

• Information of where one can legally prospect

• Information of prospecting laws and regulations

• Information of gold deposits and geology

• Information of prospecting methods

As far as the areas which are heavily prospected are concerned, the United States has been more heavily prospected for gold than most other nations on this planet. Millions of people have been gathered to the search for gold during several gold rushes in various parts of the country. However the gold prospectors are always in search for new areas and new gold deposits. And of course, every prospector is supposed to obtain due permissions form the assigned authority before indulging in the activity.

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