Gold is an uncommon metal, existing in the Earth’s crust as an element. It cannot be chemically combined with all metals but only a few metals.

Gold is known as one of the most precious metals and has maintained finest possession from ages. Gold becomes precious and valuable just because of its rarity. Gold has always been a measurement of wealth since the beginning of civilization. Gold was a convenient means to display one's wealth and was a symbol of accumulated wealth. Throughout history gold has been a symbol of richness among all societies.

Gold offers a huge number of potential benefits for investors, including an effective hedge against inflation, depreciations of dollar and stock market volatility.

Pure gold (24k Gold) is metallic yellow in color, very flexible and soft in comparison with other elements. Gold is a very stable metal and is not known to rust, diminish in quality, quantity or luster by aging. Being a soft metal, it is easy to mold into beautiful jewelry. Gold for Jewelry purpose is blended with additional alloys to make it stronger and increase its stability and to give shimmer and color. Purity of gold is measured by Karat. Karat is a unit to measure the purity of gold. We measure the purity level that ranges from 1 to 24 karat. So the lesser the Karat, the lesser the purity of Gold and 24K Gold is supposed to be the most pure form of gold. Hence the value of gold also increases with increase in the Karat.

The karat values of Gems ranges from 10K to 22K. The higher the karat, more pure the gold is. The lesser the values of Karat, the gems are expected to be more solid and less valuable from the pure gold perspective. Ornaments are generally made with 18K or 22K Gold which are mixed with some other metals and hence are most desired for wedding jewelry and other purposes.

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